Corporate Governance
Convinced of the principle that renewable energy and alternative energy generation belong to the future, our philosophy as a unit focus on qualified consulting based on solution offers, on Engineering for ensuring the optimal system technology functionality and on reliable service.

Our network, consisting of a team of qualified engineers and companies, plans and builds the systems, commissions the operating plant and trains the staff.
In this context, quality and process reliability are a matter of course.
Our Know-how
As a result of long cooperation and collaboration we own a large experience in developing, planning, Sales and construction of plants for the thermal material conversion and energy generation.
Our business areas
 -  Processing and recycling of industrial waste, household waste, plastics, hospital waste and biogenic materials for the production of diesel oil / fuel oil, light oil, electric energy, heat / cold.

 -  Processing and recycling of used tires and other hydrocarbon-containing waste and the production of diesel oil / fuel oil, light oil, carbon and steel scrap for low-cost and efficient utilization of waste products and recovery of marketable recyclable materials for their repatriation in the economic cycle / material cycle.
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